Are you looking to make your coffee in style?  Then this is the method for you. Chemex makes a clean medium bodied, well balanced and sweet cup of coffee.  This is the perfect method to make coffee for two.

Coffee / Water Ratio:
45g coffee (3 tablespoons) / 700g water (3 cups)
Brew Time: 4 minutes
Optimal water temperature: 195-205 °F
Grind: Medium Coarse


Step 1: Rinse filter
Preheat your Chemex and filter with hot water, ensuring a seal between the paper and glass. Then discard the water into your waiting mugs to preheat them.

Step 2: Add coffee
Add coarsely ground coffee (about the consistency of kosher sea salt) into the filter and  then give it a gentle shake to level the grounds. If you’re using a scale, now’s the time to tare it

Step 3: Wet the grounds
Starting the timer, pour in water to saturate the grounds.

Step 4: Stir
Give the grounds a gentle stir to ensure there are no clumps, and let it bloom for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Add more water
Half a minute in, begin the main pour in a slow, circular movement until the water nears the top of the Chemex. Allow the water level to lower, then add the remaining water until you reach 700 grams.

Step 6: Enjoy
Enjoy this wonderfully balanced cup of coffee.