Noun \’ Kuksa \ (kook-sa)

The Kuksa is a traditional wooden cup originally made by the Sámi, the indigenous people of Lapland, known today as the Scandinavian countries. It holds a special place in coffee history, linking the landscape of which it is crafted to the delicious coffee creation it holds. Used when hiking, camping, adventuring, celebrating with family and friends, and any other time appropriate for enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Kuksa Coffee Roasters

Kuksa Coffee Roasters exists to celebrate each daily adventure, being with friends and family, and stopping to enjoy every moment. 

Kuksa Coffee Roasters provides hand-crafted high quality coffee, paying homage to the region of origin and the farmers who grew it, linking the coffee you drink to the landscape that provided it.  We partner with sustainable/environmentally conscious partners from the farm to your cup.

Kuksa Coffee Roasters is First Responder owned. Kevin Larson and David Kahn, the founders of Kuksa Coffee Roasters, are inspired by people who explore, push themselves to new limits, seek new knowledge, and enjoy the little things in life.  Our vision is to create a community around the coffee we roast. We strive to provide an experience in every cup to celebrate and reflect on life's moments that make us all feel happy, peaceful, and alive.   


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